The Threats.

The Leopard StalkingThe Leopard stalking.

The story about the old leopard that blindly stalks Lydia Lion is not  far-fetched. Leopards are the top predators in the jungle, but are more solitary hunters, competing with each other and defending territories.

 In the Monkeys story, the troop of monkeys and even a baby elephant are threatened by a leopard in his or her prime.

At the jungle’s edge, smaller animals are preyed upon by hyena or wild dog packs, lions, or raptors. Lions hunting in the Savanna are intolerant of leopards and compete more successfully for larger prey in the open.

An old leopard has a hard time finding enough to eat even by scavenging. It is likely that buzzing insects would attract an old leopard and that he would lose a fight with hyenas or lions. In the story we see the behavior: investigate cautiously.

That’s the story in Lydia Lion and the Leopard Stalking with a surprise ending too. Read the preview. 

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