About the Lydia Lion Stories

Lydia Lion Goes Exploring is a collection of ten fresh and realistic read-aloud stories about a lion cub discovering her world. Lydia’s adventures dramatically create an aura of danger or mishap for young listeners. Each adventure is a stand-alone story involving other African animals. Each story ends with a comfortable resolution of the anxious moments of the day.

Lydia Lion stories connect spoken words and pictures with written words.

The stories are “told” by an adult, using “big words:” new words that are defined in the telling. Children re-imagine the scenes as the stories are told and re-told. They learn to recognize the words by following along during a reading.

Kids learn language and reading mainly from hearing words and making associations.  Young children move from “Tell me a story, Daddy.” to “Read me a story, Mommy,” to “Help me read this story, please?” (And, often on to “Go away, I’m reading the book to myself!”)

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