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Lorna (model)

Photo by Jim Tennessen

June 2019 –Just when we think Lydia Lion stories are not in demand, something happens to dissuade us. Now we’re thinking of doing a coloring book or maybe an audio book. Jim has written an eleventh story, title uncertain, featuring the 4 cubs as adolescents,  submitted to a childrens magazine, not yet used.

April 1, 2019 –We received a comment suggesting naming the threat animals such as:

The crocodile, Nod Pmurt. Crocodiles lie in mud, have a big, vicious mouth, and are dangerous throw-backs: not having evolved much for centuries.

The hippos,  Nacilbuper Sucuac. Hippos congegrate in the pools they poop in and step on babies (turtles in Lydia).

January 2018 –Jim has been traveling a lot, but about 20 signed books were sold directly in Minnesota.  Plans for an audio book were put on hold.  Inquiries about publishing a coloring book are being followed up.

June 2017 — My lovely cousin returned to Africa, where she grew up as a missionary’s kid.  Now I have some useful pictures she took of African animals.

May 18, 2016 –Jim reports “I was depositing a check at the neighborhood Wells-Fargo branch. A new teller saw the –Author account name and the logo on her screen. And asked to buy a copy of my book.

Then the customer at next teller station asked to see the book if I had one with me. I did.  She bought it, I signed it. The teller bought two copies, and I signed each of them.

I stopped for lunch nearby and a stranger moved her purse so I could sit at the bar, almost dropping a large book. I saw it was a beautifully illustrated childrens’ book and asked to look at it.

That led to discussion about books, art, and kids learning to read. I was out of books but she ordered a copy of LLGE by email after visiting the web-site. ”

Sounds as if the author should visit that bank and that bar more often.

March 18, 2016.  The author spent two good days at the Tucson Festival of Books,  He sold autographed copies of Lydia Lion Goes Exploring and watched second grade girls reading the book for clues about their reading style (phonics or word recognition).  The observations were for data in a study of using the book in elementary or ESL classes.

February 11, 2016.  While traveling between Los Angeles and San Diego, the author met a beautiful young woman from Texas.  She was considering writing a childrens’ book and became interested in Lydia Lion Goes Exploring for her (future) children.

Jim reports “I offered to sign a copy for her, and she included a 100% tip in her payment!  Now I am a big fan of hers and on a waiting list for her book when published. ”

December 28, 2015. Several books and e-books were purchased from Amazon after a 5-Star customer review there by Nancy Grant.

I also was asked about the book at a Christmas party, a 9-year-old e-book fan downloaded to his Kindle to share with his 6-year-old sister. He told me he read 6 of the 10 adventures in his first sitting, and enjoyed and noticed the new words. He said he read the Introduction and the Appendices later, and then passed the Book to his Sister. I’m hoping for a review from this young man.

September 15, 2015 — Catch the “Monster Review” of Lydia in the upcoming Stroy Monster Ink magazine.  Online:

Jim is busting his buttons!

June 23, 2015 –The Author, Jim Spensley, was the story-teller Grandpa Jim at a Morehouse Parish Library program (Bastrop, LA).  Thanks to the Librarian, Ellen Highsmith, for arranging the event.  Jim told Lydia Lion Upsets Some Monkeys to the children, and signed copies.

“My surviving high school classmates– Class of 1956! –had Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren,” Jim quipped “with good hearing. ”

June 16, 2015  — Forty more autographed copies of Lydia Lion Goes Exploring were sold last month by the Author.  Review copies were submitted to the School Library Journal, StoryMonsterInk, and to libraries in Minnesota and Louisiana.   Book signings and author presentations are scheduled at the libraries.

Also, we are discussing a hard-cover edition and an audio bookwith publishers, distributors, and sound studios.

May 16, 2015 —  We received over 50 orders for autographed copies in April and May.  We can’t say that sales are brisk at the publisher (iUniverse), Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  Lydia Lion Goes Exploring is in circulation at the Pima County Library and under review at other libraries.

April 20, 2015 — We received several orders for autographed copies by email and by requests made as a Comment on the Buying Lydia Lion Goes Exploring page.  The private orderers’ names, addresses or requests are not posted, this is a short-cut to us. This seems more useful than creating an order form because a] The requestor can specify the person named in the author’s dedication etc. and b] a shipping method and cost can be agreed on by email message.

An On-line Request is answered by an email proposal and quote, and payment can be  made by various means, including credit/debit cards and PayPal.

March 15, 2015 –The Author met with numerous kids, parents, and teachers at the 2015 Tucson Festival of Books, at the Childrens’ Pavillion, 1 to 3 PM.


Lydia Lion Goes Exploring was often picked up and ‘read.’   Several teachers bought copies for classroom use. I had some great conversations. — Jim Spensley

The Tucson/Pima County Library system is adding Lydia Lion Goes Exploring  to its Children’s collection.

We are following up on reviews and looking for reviewers.  If you are interested in writing a review and have a school or library system journal, a children’s magazine, or other publication as a target, let us know — we’ll give you a eview e-book or book.

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