Story Monster Ink Review

Lydia Lion Goes Exploring
Reviewed for Story Monster Ink by Darleen Wohlfeil,  October 2015
“Have you ever looked at the kids and wondered, how will I ever calm them down, no less be ready for bed? The answer: Tell them a story!

“Jim Spensley is a storyteller! Raising three children, and no doubt at some point facing that very moment, he drew from old childhood memories. Stories he was told as a boy by an uncle who lived in Africa. Stories that caught his young imagination and lingered through the years, still laced with excitement.

“There is nothing like a good story, and there is an art to telling it again and again. Spensley worked magic, creating his own stories in which Lydia Lion became a family favorite.

“Lydia is an independent, most inquisitive little lion cub. She is adventurous and dares to go off and experience life. In so doing, she learns many lessons while encountering other African animals in the wild.

“This read aloud book is perfect for any quiet time, reading circle or just a special moment to cuddle and engage our children with adventure and excitement. Lydia Lion Goes Exploring, 10 stand-alone stories — each one short enough to hold their attention and leave them looking forward to the next adventure. May you share those many adventures in the African wild!

“Lydia opens a vast wilderness and gives us a safe peek into the maturing lives of animals beyond the common domestic pet.”

The Spensley children grew up with the stories. The stories were retold, found their way into print, and into care-giver hands as well as onto the Spensley grand-childrens’ bookshelves.