Author: Jim Spensley

AuthorPhoto PID 431816 

 Jim Spensley is the father of three adult children.

Well before they could read for themselves, he read or told bedtime stories to his kids nightly. Lydia Lion was made up as he went along, and Lydia’s adventures became favorite bedtime stories.

 A now-retired systems engineer and manager, Jim’s more extensive writings were technical papers and reports, proposals, and political campaign materials.

 As teens and young adults, his two daughters asked that the Lydia Lion stories be transcribed and re-written for their use as baby-sitters, later as child-care workers. Once Jim retired, his son and the daughters asked that the stories be refined for publication; there are now five grandchildren, ranging in age from 4 years to 5 months old as of October (2016).

Jim lives with his wife in Minnesota and Arizona.

The Illustrations in Lydia Lion Goes Exploring are by Kalpart.  Mombai, India. See