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Lydia Lion Goes Exploring includes 21 illustrations and two Appendices. “Working with Ms. Kalpa Joshi on the drawings was great! She is experienced and talented, or I should say ‘knowledgeable and helpful.’ For a far-away author and a far-out book idea, she was a God-send.” — Jim Spensley

Lydia Lion Image by Kalpart, Copyright 2014 by James R. SpensleyLydia Lion. Image by Kalpart.

Copyright 2014. James R. Spensley

Appendix A : 

The Author’s Suggestions for Reading the Lydia Stories Aloud.  

Lydia Lion’s adventures are stand-alone stories. The book came from story-telling, not the other way around. Each story is different,  but also a variation on a theme.  The text is a script for the story-teller.  The story is “told” by an adult observer; the children use their own imaginations to follow the story by assigning their own meanings to the spoken or the written words.

In telling the stories, the author learned that children retained images, words and phrases from hearing the stories.  They called him on it if the story changed from telling to telling.  They imagined how new -to-them words fit in and were quick to recognize a synonym. Children learn words as they hear them in context or as synonyms. Children are interested in colors, counting, names, and relationships. The author blends these  in as part of the story.

Appendix B    Table of “New” Words.

The New Words appendix tabulates some of the defined words, for the story-teller to watch for as the kids use them or learn to associate the sounds, the letter sequences, and the concepts as their own new words.

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